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Flowz: Helping you to Article 30 compliance. Know what data you have, where it is stored and with whom it is shared.

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Tailored to Fit

The Flowz system is dynamic and completely customisable at every level

Keep the ICO happy

The system captures the level of detail expected by the supervisory authorities.

Simple to use

Flowz is intuitive and simple to use and follows easy web-forms which can be customised.

5-step method for GDPR Compliance


Know what you hold

30: Records of processing

5: Principles

6: Lawfulness

7/8: Consent

9/10: Special categories


Understand relative risk

24: Controller responsibility
11/25/35/36: By design and default
26: Joint controller
27: Representative
28: Processor
29: Authorisation
31: Cooperate
32: Security


Allow subjects to exercise rights

12: Transparency
13: Privacy notice
14: Not originator
15: Right of access
16: Right to rectify
17: Right to forget
18: Right to forget
19: Flow changes
20: Portability
21: Right to object
22: Automated decisions


Create change

Create a fluid state

Reinforce expected behaviours

Communicate expected behaviours


Embed change

33/34: Breach reporting

35: DPIA

36: Consultation

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Creating an asset

Creating a flow